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 We observed in many cases that Kambo detoxes the body, strengthens the immune system and activates self-healing within the body. It is a natural antibiotic, antiviral and antifungal and thereby kills bacteria, viruses and fungi.It is anti-inflammatory, cleans the blood and can improve general well-being.
Studies show that some peptides in the Kambo can be very effective in dealing with Alzheimer, Parkinsons Disease, infertility, hepatitis, cancer, AIDS and other serious conditions. Although there is no doubt of the wide range of uses of Kambo, it is necessary to find the right treatment specific to each person and condition. The regularity of treatments and correct dosage are also vital in order to have the most continuous beneficial effects.
There has been no modern clinical research done on humans to illustrate its curative nature. This is why we need to be patient before officially calling Kambo a medicine, however there is a large number of people that have experienced the potency of the Kambo which is good thing to acknowledge. We have seen Kambo help many people with a variety of conditions including allergies, skin diseases, asthma, rheumatism and joint disorders, chronic pain and infections, malaria, diabetes,hepatitis, epilepsy, depression, post chemotherapy, disease prevention and many more.

 Kambo’s Peptide Cocktail

When scientists analyzed the chemical makeup of the Phyllomedusa bicolor’s venom, they found that it contained new peptides with exciting beneficial effects on the human body. The top 8 are:·  Dermorphin — a potent mu-opioid receptor agonist.·  Deltorphin — a very potent delta-opioid receptor agonist. (Dermorphin and Deltorphin are 4000 times stronger than morphine and 40 times stronger than endogenic b-endorphines. (1).·  Phyllomedusin — a tachykinin which affects the salivary glands, tear ducts, intestines, and bowels; it contracts the smooth muscles, and contributes to violent purging.·  Phyllokinin (and phyllomedusin) — potent blood vessel dilators that also increase the permeability of the blood-brain barrier.·  Phyllocaerulein — which stimulates the adrenal cortex and the pituitary gland, causes a fall in blood pressure, causes tachycardia, and has a potent action on the gastrointestinal smooth muscle, and stimulates gastric, biliary and pancreatic secretions.·  Sauvagine — which stimulates the adrenal cortex, causes a long lasting fall in blood pressure, and causes intense tachycardia.·  Adenoregulin — acts on the adenosine receptors.·  Dermaseptin — a potent antimicrobial for both Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria, and antiviral for herpes simplex virus.Sapo venom has been analyzed by scientists and is shown to contain many peptides that are beneficial to the body. 



It is advisable to stick to a light diet some days prior to the treatment – you should stay away from deep fried, spicy food or food that is hard to process. Furthermore you should renounce, alcohol, drugs (if not in a case of addiction) and sexual activities. This can help to have a much deeper cleansing and benefit more from the treatment.

Kambo has the best effect if you use it on an empty stomach. Therefore you should not consume any solid or liquid food for around 12 hours before the treatment and drink only water.

During the treatment it is also advisable to wear comfortable clothes.

It should be taken an account that the whole treatment may take around 2 hours and it is advisable not to have any schedules after the session as in some cases one may feel to rest and have time for integration.
Shortly before the treatment you have to drink around 2 litres of warm water, traditionally some tribes would drink masato (a drink made out of the yuca root) or chapo (a drink made out of bananas) . This will help you in the process of throwing up and it reduces the uncomfortable effects of the treatment.

After that a tamshi (a thin vine which is traditionally used to make baskets) or incense stick will be set on fire and blown out. The glowing end will be used to burn the skin superficially. This procedure will be performed on a body-area that gets selected beforehand. There will be several points burned into the skin (the number varies from person to person). After that the burned layer of skin will be removed and the secretion will be applied onto the wounds. For this purpose the secretion on the stick will be softened using a few drops of water or saliva and rolled into little balls. To each burn wound one of the balls will be applied.

It has to be taken into account that depending on the skin type and the aftercare these burning marks may be visible for many months afterwards.  



The effects will be noticeable shortly after the secretion is applied onto the burned area (usually after 1- 2 min). Rarely it might take a longer time, or the dose might have to be adjusted. The Kambo medicine goes straight into the lymphatic system and from there into the bloodstream.

The effects can differ from person to person and from treatment to treatment.

There is a wide range of symptoms that can be triggered by Kambo but never all at once or with the same intensity.

In most cases, the first effect is that the blood flushes up into the head. This will be perceived as heat in the facial area and the rest of the body. Sometimes this can be accompanied by a fastening of the heart beat, very often followed by nausea and vomiting. Usually the water you drank before comes first, followed by a variety of slimy, milky, yellow, orange, green, dark green, brown or sometimes even black liquids and bile. There is also a need to defecate quite often. There will be often a swelling in the facial area and the neck region. The intensity of these swellings can vary, but in most cases it will subside relatively fast. Expectorant cough (especially when dealing with lung disease) can also occur. The treatment is often accompanied by sweating - this is just another way of how the body gets rid of toxins.

Eye discharge, chills, cramps, dizziness, numbness in the hands and physical weakness can occur symptomatically. Rarely someone might feel a need to scream or cry. The symptoms might vary in quality and quantity depending on the individual, the area the medicine will work on and the dose.

Usually the most intense part of the treatment will only take between 15 - 30 minutes and only in very few cases it might take a bit longer or a bit shorter.


The positive effects of the Kambo can sometimes already be perceived straight after the treatment or in some cases it can also take until the next day one may feel an increased energy level, inner peace, clarity of mind and healing of the body. Some people report that their well-being improved from day to day, or in some cases that it even took up to two weeks for an improvement became noticeable.


The effects of Kambo always differs depending on the person and intervals of treatment. Even though the effects of Kambo could sound unpredictable, it is best to keep in mind that it knows exactly what it does, where it needs to begin the process, how long it will take and what is necessary for the patient.


When taken with an experienced or trained practitioner, the Kambo is very safe, although in some very rare cases the immune system may first drop down and the cleansing process may continue for a couple of days before one would experience the beneficial feelings of the medicine. This may happen after a very intense cleans or when there is a more serious illness to heal.
In some cases, especially when one is having low blood pressure, the person may faint during the session and this is why it is necessary to provide a safe space for the treatment as well as having an experienced person facilitate the healing. 

Kambo’s Energetic Properties

 Kambo is often described as a “fiery” medicine and is a painful experience itself. The frog venom is applied by being burned into the skin—often on the upper arm—through the tip of a heated stick, after all! That may seem a curious characteristic of a pain treatment, but many people say this momentary pain is an essential part of the process of spiritual growth and part of the reason it’s such an effective tool. Kambo is said to help you purge stagnate spiritual toxins called panema which get blocked in our energy channels and manifest in our day-to-day lives as depression, anxiety, and laziness. After the initial spark of pain fades, the practitioner is left awash in a flooding sense of relief and calm. As kambo researcher Giovanni Lattanzi put it, “This cleansing process works not only on a physical level but also on a spiritual one. The frog, connecting us with our natural wisdom, mirrors our negative habits, showing us what we should avoid and what we could do in order to improve our condition.”Anyone familiar with the theories of addiction will recognize why kambo’s spiritual properties might help interrupt addiction by providing a powerful means of self-reflection. Lattanzi’s theory about kambo is reminiscent of reports from people who take ibogaine to treat addiction and say the medicine helps them recover in part by uncovering and exploring deeply-ingrained negative habits. Like the interpersonal breakthroughs one might associate with an ibogaine session, a kambo ritual can help point out opportunities for growth and development for the individual undergoing the ceremony, making it a ripe tool not only to treat the root pain but also to help wean any dependence on prescriptions used to treat that pain.So in addition to being a powerful peptide combination that stimulates the nervous system, eases pain, decreases inflammation, and cleans out the gastrointestinal tract, kambo provides what many call a spiritual cleansing or detox of the energetic fields. In the quest to get to the root trauma aggravating many addictions, the combined physiological and energetic effects of kambo have many people turning to it as an alternative tool to pain management.Generations of indigenous wisdom backs up the claims that the Amazonian frog venom is an effective medicine, but unlike some other plant medicines that can be undertaken solo, it’s best to undergo a kambo ceremony with an experienced practitioner who can administer the medicine safely and effectively.  

The Spiritual Power of Kambo

 On a spiritual level, Kambo helps to integrate our mind with our heart and re-align our chakras.  It is also believed that it assists us in raising our prayers to “The Great Spirit” and is a multi-dimensional healer.In the shamanic worldview, we gain assistance from plant and animal spirit allies. In the case of Kambo, we are allying with the Spirit of a frog that has a very strong immunity to predators. Some believe the Spirit of Phyllomedusa bicolor lends us a similar power of being nearly impervious to predatory energy – physically, mentally and energetically. As the DNA signature of the frog is introduced into our body, its Spirit gifts us with the power to cast off parasitic energies that prey on body, mind and spirit. Once free of these energies, it is common to see natural health returned. Synchronicities and good luck are also a common effect after Kambo. Many people report having synchronistic visitations by frogs in the days just before or after receiving Kambo. 

Kambo’s Natural Intelligence

 Kambo works with your intention and what is most needed in the moment. Upon receiving it, the medicine scans your body and goes where it’s most needed. Working with the Frog Spirit is a very personal relationship and will vary every time, depending upon your intention and what the spirit is calling for. 


I have the honour and privilage of completing my training in the Amazonian rainforest in peru where i have worked closely with the Matsés tribe. Their presences and knowledge enriches the training with stories about their tribe and culture and the Kambo Naturista practitioners receive direct valuable insights about the Matsés traditional work. they are very grateful for the opportunity to be able to share and pass down the line their cultural traditions to all those who are open to preserve the ancestral knowledge that eventually is rapidly disappearing.  


I hold kambo treatments at my home in Essex, but i can travel to you if you would prefer to be in your own home, I will cover Essex and London but i ask you to cover my travel expenses if you require me to come to you.

Kambo is an intense and personal journey and so i offer a range of treatment options to suit your individual needs.

 What is a Private Circle?

  As the name suggests a private circle is done on a one to one basis. This option can work really well for people who are experiencing Kambo for the first time and are maybe feeling nervous about going through it in front of strangers.They are also great for people who have experienced the medicine before, but want to experience the medicine focusing even deeper on themselves. 

 What is a Closed circle?

A closed circle is when people want to experience Kambo with other people they know.  You can book a small closed circle for yourself and a partner, or one other person, or a group of friends/or family members. 

Open Kambo Circle 

Open circles are when you join a group of other people and experience Kambo all together. They usually are a mix of people who have had Kambo before and first timers. As alien as it may sound a lot of people really value the group experience. There is something very powerful and bonding about going through this process with other people 


During each treatment i add my knowledge of shamanic healing techniques to aid your process. I begin each ceremony with Sananga eye drops and Sacred Rapé Snuff where i get you to really connect with your intentions before we move on to the Kambo treatment




Sananga is the juice extracted from the roots of a Amazonic plant, whose indigenous name is Mata Heins, a name that comes from the Huni Kuin dialect, spoken by the Kaxinawas. It is a bush tree from the amazon region, utilized by the Kaxinawa Indians and other tribes.
From inside its roots, a juice in decoction is extracted, which is utilized to cure the Panemas*, spiritual diseases, according to the tribes.
Its active principle is Ibogaine, a powerful substance which if ingested will take the tribes person to a state of deep trance to get in touch with spirit world.
The warrior Indians, before going hunting, will take a drop in each eye, making their perception sharpened, so they can perceive subtle movements in the dense forest.
What happens is that Sananga works in two main energetic healing ways: Physical and Spiritual.
It is believed that the “Spirit of Sananga”, that is, the energy, the intelligence, that analog to the active principle of this powerful plant, acts directly in the original cause of the disease, in the so-called psychosomatic processes.
The psychosomatic illnesses are of psychic origins, but as they are potentialized they are manifested in the soma, or the physical body.
The eyes are the windows of the soul, where all that we see, and all that we project is stored there, including our Kharmic History.
Then the Spirit of Sananga makes a kind of verification of the energetic patterns that are out of balance, and it goes on diluting these forces that constitute the Panemas.
The result of this application is a balancing of the soul in synchrony with this spiritual force of nature, an expansion of the force of the spiritual vision, or of the AJNA CHAKRA, the third vision, the inner vision, and also an improvement in the ocular physiology.
Sananga is indicated in cases of diseases such as: Glaucoma, cataract, near and farsightedness, dystrophies, color alterations, among others.
There are cases of people who are healed of nearsightedness with one application, and there have been improvements of the perception of colors immediately.
Sananga has been explored by many but it is really important to always remember its correct form of utilization is inside of a work for spiritual evolution, because used outside of it, it can cause problems to the life of a person.
The way to apply it is the following: One to 3 drops in each eye.
The person will feel a strong vibration, where several degrees of burning may occur according to the spiritual state of a person. With time, the person will align him/herself to the spirit of Sananga and will feel less burning, when his or her vision will already have had an immense gain.
After the burning, which lasts about 3 minutes, colors will become sharper and there are visible improvements to the standards of vision.
Many treatments are miraculous, immediate, while some others occur long term, but not less miraculous.
It’s a different experience, unique, of transformation, spiritually and in the vision of a person. In a broader sense of the word.
Does Sananga Correct Eye Sight Problems?
Sananga doesn’t physically correct eye problems, but repairs such infirmities energetically, as we understand that all disease is psychosomatic, being born first in the feelings and emotions of the person and then it starts to influence the energetic layer of the organ in question and manifesting itself in the material body.
Thus, when applied, Sananga dilutes the thought forms and negative, disharmonious energies that envelop the energetic body of the eye, thus opening the energetic channels of the human being for the Inner vision, the outer vision and the Higher Vision. From the region of the head descends then a subtle energy which is favorable to maintain the Chakras open, expanding the aura and maintaining the person aligned and centered emotionally, mentally and spiritually.
For the ancestral Xamans, panama is a conglomerate of lower energies
that stay present in the energetic body of the person, accumulated through a sedentary, negative life full of bad habits and thoughts that are harmful for the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health of a person, that weigh heavily in the energetic body of the individual, making him or her sad, depressed, stressed physically and mentally, making it impossible that the person finds success in relationships, work and life goals. Through the Sananga this energetic charge is automatically eliminated, it’s as if the person went through an energetic shock, in a subtle way, making the person feel capable, happy, invigorated after the application.
It is recommended for people of all ages and gender. The sooner a person receives the Sananga, less problems of the ocular and vision type he or she will have.


Sacred Rapé Snuff

 Rapé is sacred shamanic snuff medicine, which is pronounced ‘ha-peh’ in English. Also, it’s known to be casually referred to as ‘hape’, ‘hapi’ or ‘rapay” by some Western people.

 They are very rare, sacred, powerful, precious, profoundly healing and cleansing miracle medicines. They are made in a very sacred and labour intensive process, and consist of various Amazonian medicinal plants, trees, leaves, seeds, and other sacred ingredients. Some types of rapé are made by various indigenous tribes, who originate from different South American countries – primarily Brazil and Peru.

 Traditionally, they are applied by using a pipe made from bamboo or bone, which is blown through each nostril on both sides. It’s suggested that you use them within a quiet sacred space without any interruptions (optional sacred music playing) – sitting upright, either cross-legged or in a chair with eyes closed after application. Also, suggested slow breathing after application through the mouth/nose is very important.

 Generally, they have the following effects – profoundly helps to re-align and open all your chakras, improves your grounding, releases any sickness on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels, opens-up the third eye, de-calcifies the pineal gland, clears any mental confusion, releases any negative thoughts, removes any entities, connects you to your divine breath, and elevates your connection with Spirit.

 Please note that some may experience purging, bowel movements and excess saliva, which is normal – where stuck energy, toxins and sickness are being released from your energetic and physical bodies. You may need a bucket, tissue and drinking water.

 Each different type of rapé has different vibrations, notes, qualities, subtleties, and very different effects on the energetic field. Furthermore, after you develop a deeper relationship with each rapé – they are powerful Plant teacher spirits, where you can ask any questions or hold specific intentions for each sacred session.

 Traditionally, during Yawanawa, Kaxinawa-Huni Kuin and Katukina (Brazilian Indigenous tribes) ceremonies, they normally use Rapé and Sananga eye medicine during Ayahuasca (aka- Uni or Nixi pae) ceremonies to help with purging, releasing sickness, moving any stuck energies, opening-up the visions and for clear sight. 

Invite me to your retreat

If you are having your own retreat why not intergrate kambo?allow your participants to have a deeper connection with themselves and with whatever healing or medicine your retreat is having. 

Kambo and ayahuasca have been used together traditionally, and now more Western practitioners are beginning to understand the benefits of preparing your body with kambo shortly before an ayahuasca ceremony. Although both substances have benefits when used on their own, their effects can be heightened and controlled more carefully when they are used together. 

 If ayahuasca is swimming in the rivers, lakes, dreams and streams of contemporary culture, then the frog is perched on a branch overhanging the water’s edge. Waiting and watching, its tadpoles dropping from a jelly-leaf-nest, into the current below, into our bloodstream.
And it’s come on rapidly.
Sapo. Kambo. Dow-kiet!
Call it what you will.
Deeper still, beneath the surface, above and beyond it, is the amphibian spirit, archetype, and energy—a force of nature that teaches how to move, thrive, and communicate through and across different modes of existence, different worlds, with grace, ease, stealth, and song.
The word Amphibian comes from the Greek amphibios—amphi “of both kinds” + bios “life” or “having a double life.” The frog is shamanism embodied, traversing vantage points both material and ethereal for purposes of survival, action, health and healing.
And frogs are amazing. They eat with their eyes, breathe through their skin, and are considered the ultimate bio-indicators: species that can be used to monitor the health of an ecosystem. Interesting then that sapo/kambo emerges and spreads in this planetary moment with such powerful medicine, one well regarded for, among many other things, strengthening and upgrading the fight-or-flight response—encouraging grace under pressure. Yet another example of the frog’s ability to bring calm and balance opposites. A quality of particular significance and advantage now, in this era of ecological crisis.
Dissecting the frog further: Cut open Phyllomedusa and you’ll see phyllo means leaf, while medusa means guardian, and is of course the snake-haired Gorgon of Greek myth (rather than turning you to stone, Phyllomedusa animates you). Bicolor of course means “two colors,” a nod to the inherent “double life” of the frog.
So here we have with us, alongside us, and inside us, a leaf-loving guardian with snakes (ayahuasca) for hair, that guides, protects, clarifies, strengthens and sharpens health and senses, and by extension, one’s environment.
Everything about dow-kiet! illustrates duality into multiplicity, in resounding chorus, from all directions —and beyond. It is quick, clever and slippery, not easily pinned down. Grab at it, and you might get shocked. Relate with it, and you’ll get further, faster.
It is venom and it is medicine. It is frog, “toad,” and snake. It is saliva and it is water. It is well researched and completely mysterious. It is magic and it is science. The human body recognizes it instantly, while our culture often mistakes it for something else. In water, in trees, on land—it is fluidity and unity. It is the sacred secretion of the Matsés, the cat people, now spread eagle. Happens fast, feels like forever.
It is sapo, and it is kambo.
It is the Amphibian, in our bodies, souls and worlds. 

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Summer Summer reviewed Chris Tame KAMBO Natural Cleanse5 star

11 June · Hello Chris! Just a quick Big "Thank You" for the session on Thursday. I would highly recommend Chris at the drop a hat! He is truly a wonderful, warm human being very professional and knows his stuff! He supported me through the whole process. It was an intense session but I felt totally safe. He was incredibly supportive beyond words, very calm, patient, and wise! He incorporated various deep healing methods in the sessions, it was nothing short of amazing! I was pleasantly suprised that after the session Chris checked up and gave some recommendations and encouragment. By far the best kambo session I have had. Thank you Chris and looking forward to booking my next session☺. Blessings 


Clara  reviewed  KAMBO Natural Cleanse5 star

5 July at 11:50 · Had Kambo for the first time as part of a larger group on 24th June. I was very nervous and wondering what I had signed myself up for having never tried anything similar before, but what a positive experience. Chris and his partner were extremely reassuring and professional. I felt amazing immediately afterwards, like a weight had been taken off my shoulders. Would definitely recommend Chris to anyone considering this treatment. Thank you both for your support 


Emma Pedro reviewed Chris Tame KAMBO Natural Cleanse5 star

 I wanted to leave it a little while, before giving any feedback, so I could gain perspective on the healing I received from Chris Tame 26th July. It was my first time with this medicine/healing and I had heard about the healing/recommended by a friend who had shifted some heavy stuff around addiction issues. I needed help to shift some real negative stuff I was carrying, which was triggering recurrently and created/caused by a very stressful incident which lasted for months. It was causing me to feel low, eat crap & sabotage exercise/wellbeing generally. I felt immediately comfortable with Chris and was able to share some stuff I haven't told anybody about. Chris held the space really safe & explained v clearly each stage and encouraged me to get into the 'stories' I was carrying so that I might focus on this whilst the medicine worked on my body. I can't say the medicine is an easy one to take, but I am so glad that I did. Chris was great throughout and I felt safe and well taken care of. Since the medicine and additional healing from Chris, I have felt much clearer, especially in my thinking and I'm experiencing some really great releases/shifts even now almost a week on. Physically it has given me greater energy/stamina & mentally clearer and emotionally strengthened...like more clarity on issues that have been bothering me & seeing solutions instead of being caught up in the 'feelings'; it's as if they have been turned down from a screaming ten to a one and a half. Perspective. It's also had me realise how much I dash about so I've been really getting present with moments, reflecting that I don't need to rush/get up in high cortisol living...I think there is a bit more to shift so I will see Chris again. Highly recommend & wish him all the best in his healing practice. Emma Pedro 


Matthew reviewed  KAMBO Natural Cleanse5 star

9 June · Had kambo with my wife Monday morning, she was very nervous and Chris put her at ease, he has a calm
about him and he is very professional. Chris contacted us in the following days to check in on us. If anyone is thinking of trying kambo as a healing process then I highly recommend Chris to guide you through, top man! 


Tree  reviewed  KAMBO Natural Cleanse5 star

22 April · I love the way everyone has their own unique way of holding space. Ceremony yesterday with Chris was really supportive and laid back. He's compassionate to people's stories, full of advice. Highly recommend A* 


Gem  reviewed KAMBO Natural Cleanse5 star

27 March · I had Kambo this morning with Chris. I couldn't fault him in anyway, I felt safe and secure with his technique and way. He remained professional the whole way through offering reassurance and positive steps to help work the kambo round/through my body.
We had a lovely and calm preparation period where he administered hapi and sanaga this helped me to find my focus and channel my intentions also shifting unwanted energy before beginning kambo, brilliant way to go, as oppose to diving straight in.
I would definitely recommend this cleanse it can help one and all.
Thank you for this morning. 

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